A Wild Week

It's been a wild week here in the Twin Ports. Our roads and bridges have been severely impacted but on the bright side, of 32 Habitat homes only one homeowner reported some flooding of a crawlspace. They are dry now and working to repair some yard damage. The excavation work we began last week is another story. The hole that was scheduled to become footings and a foundation for a remodeled home is now looking like a better site for a community swimming pool.
All in all we are counting the blessings that initial reports indicate the immediate impact on housing wasn't severe and that no fatalities occurred. We're anxious to see what roles the Local, State, and Federal governments will play in assisting folks who's homes have been damaged and will post any developments here on our website.
In the meantime we will continue our work repairing and remodeling existing homes by partnering with Affinity Plus Credit Union to rebuild the access ramp and deck for a homeowner in Superior this Saturday. Pray for clear skies!